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Affordable Dental Care without Insurance – Direct Dental Plans in Levittown

Most people understand the important need for routine dental care, but many can’t afford to pay steep insurance prices or equally steep out-of-pocket dental costs. Because your oral health is intricately tied to your overall wellbeing, our team at Island Smile Dental Group has made receiving dental care much more affordable for our patients.

As an alternative to traditional dental insurance, we now offer a direct dental plan (provided by Doctors Network) for patients in and around Long Island, NY. Rather than dealing with confusing, complicated, and costly insurance coverage, you can now enjoy substantial discounts on personalized, high-quality dental treatment.

Direct Dental Plan vs. Dental Insurance

The goal of our dental plan is to take the complications (and therefore, the substantial extra costs) out of exceptional dental care. For a low, one-time activation fee of $34.99 and a monthly fee of the same price, you can receive the dental health care you need at a fraction of what you’re used to paying.

For example, routine biannual exams and cleanings at our Levittown dentist’s office are only $25 per visit, while the costs for fillings, crowns, dental implants, and other treatment options are discounted by up to 80%. For patients without adequate insurance, a direct dental plan can be the best way to maintain a healthy, beautiful smile.

Our Practice also takes Eastern Dental Plan (EDP)!

Please contact the office regarding your specific plan with EDP as prices may vary.

Dental Care with No Middle-Man

Unlike common medical insurance, dental insurance is notorious for leaving patients without adequate coverage for many necessary procedures. Therefore, even patients who have dental insurance often wind up paying more out-of-pocket than they can reasonably afford, in addition to the costs of their insurance coverage.

The reason for dental insurance’s inflated prices and insufficient coverage is because of the demands of third-party insurance companies. With our individual and family dental plans, there is no insurance middle-man, so there are no hidden-fees, surprise costs, or other unforeseen expenses for your dental care.

Sign Up for Affordable Dentistry in Levittown, NY

Please note that the Island Smile Dental Group direct dental plan is not dental insurance, and should not be considered as a replacement for it. If you have dental insurance, or if you want to sign up for our plan because you want to avoid insurance, then please call our office.

If you have further questions about signing up for the plan, or if you need assistance, then contact Dr. Mekawy at Island Smile Dental Group today.

FAQs About Island Smile Dental Group’s Direct Dental Plan

1. What does a direct dental plan offer?

For patients who don’t have dental insurance, or who are unhappy with the level of their insurance coverage, Dr. Mekawy and our team at Island Smile Dental Group offer a direct, discounted dental plan. A direct plan offers substantial discounts on the costs of dental care, including regular preventive visits and any cosmetic or restorative treatments that you may need in the future.

2. How is it different from dental insurance?

A direct dental plan differs from dental insurance in several important ways. For instance, unlike insurance, a direct dental plan applies to all of the treatments and services we provide, without exception. Signing up for a direct plan is easy and affordable, and costs a one-time activation fee of $34.99, followed by a monthly subscription fee of the same amount. Your monthly subscription fee won’t change, and neither will the discounted costs of your dental health care and treatment options.

3. Are my checkups and cleanings still covered?

Preventive checkup and cleaning appointments are only $25 per visit with our direct dental plan. Unlike insurance, the price remains the same even if Dr. Mekawy recommends scheduling a checkup and cleaning appointment more than twice in a single year.

4. Is the cost of teeth-whitening discounted, also?

Also unlike dental insurance, Island Smile Dental Group’s direct dental plan includes elective procedures such as professional teeth-whitening. We understand that teeth stains can develop naturally and affect your smile’s appearance; therefore we offer discounted teeth-whitening options that are designed to optimize your convenience.

5. What if I need more comprehensive cosmetic treatment?

In addition to teeth-whitening, our direct dental plan also makes comprehensive smile improvement more achievable for more patients. You can enjoy the benefits of high-quality cosmetic treatments, like porcelain veneers, invisible Invisalign® aligners, lifelike porcelain dental crowns, and more at significantly discounted costs.

6. With a direct dental plan, can I choose the best treatments available?

One of the biggest complaints about dental insurance is that most plans limit your options concerning which treatments you can receive. For instance, if you have a cavity, your dental insurance may only cover the costs of treatment if you choose a metal filling. By contrast, the Island Smile Dental Group direct dental plan allows you to choose the treatment of your choice, including tooth-colored composite resin fillings, without being penalized with exorbitant out-of-pocket costs.

7. If I have dentures, can I upgrade them to dental implants?

Many patients who experience tooth loss wish for the comprehensive benefits of dental implants, but can’t afford them because their dental insurance won’t offer coverage for them. Since joining with Doctors Network, more of our patients in and around Levittown are able to enjoy higher quality tooth replacement with the support of dental implants. Every stage of treatment, from planning with advanced imaging technology to the placement and restoration of your implant posts, will be reduced thanks to your direct dental plan.

8. How are the costs of my dental treatment determined?

The high costs of dental insurance and treatment are frequently dictated by insurance companies who know nothing about your unique dental needs and preferences. Within Doctors Network, however, the costs of every treatment option are laid out in a low-cost fee schedule determined by the doctors and dentists who make up Doctors Network.

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