Maria Cainto Del Castillo, RDH

Registered Dental Hygienist

Maria Cainto Del Castillo R.D.H. moved to the US in 2003. She was a licensed dentist in the Philippines. She was fascinated with the fact that everything starts in the mouth. Maria learned from dental school that the mouth is the dirtiest part of the body. Thus saying so, if you maintain a healthy oral environment, overall wellbeing follows. To complete her dream of becoming a US-licensed dental hygienist, she pursued this degree in a reputable school, New York University where she was given the Colgate’s STAR (Student Total Achievement Recognition) award.

Seeing patients smile has been the fuel that ignited her passion. She has been blessed for a year and counting to be in a place where you see a great deal of transformation, not only in patient’s smiles but in entirety. Ms. Del Castillo is still fulfilling her ultimate goal of changing lives by educating about the importance of oral health and encourages clients to undergo treatments as necessary.

Furthermore, Island Smile Dental Group, has allowed her to grow as a person. Making her realize that it does not matter how slowly you move towards your goal as long as you do not stop. She is fortunate to have followed her chosen path for the most of her life and the best part is, it’s very interesting and relevant for people in different walks of life. Ultimately, she is not only a mother trying to better her child’s life, but also a person with passion to become the very best. In becoming a dental hygienist at Island Smile Dental Group, she does not only share her skills and what she knows, but she may change lives one tooth at a time.